Saturday, November 2, 2013

In the doghouse...

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything.  It’s not for want of trying.  I keep trying to tell my mom what to write, but she’s busy and keeps saying she’ll write later.  Many things have happened; Jasmine House has had visitors staying and lots of people for meals.  One day there was a really big party – about forty people.  I thought it better to make myself scarce, in case they were not all cat-friendly, but then one of my mom’s helpers put little dishes of olives, crisps and tzatsiki on small tables they’d put around the terrace.  There was one table under the olive tree – it was still quite hot – and I waited my chance when I thought no one was looking.  I don’t really care for human food, but I find anything with yoghurt irresistible.  So I jumped carefully onto the table, so as not to make any noise and I’d just got my nose in the dish, when someone spotted me and yelled.  They made a big fuss about me eating from a human plate and my mom came and took the whole dish inside.  I thought maybe I’d be able to have some later…   But I wasn’t allowed even a tiny bit.

Now the weather is getting cooler, we’ve got lots more cat visitors at our Kini Cat Café.  It’s not really cold, but most visitors have left and there’s not much food around for the stray cats.  I know what it’s like to be hungry, so I never mind sharing, even when new kittens come into the house.  There’s always plenty of food for us all.  I’ll tell you about some of my friends later, but now I’m going to finish my story…

I’m quite a big strong cat now, but when I tried to get here from the beach, I was only small and had little legs.  After my bad experiences with things on the road, lack of food and feeling very tired, I plodded slowly up the hill to where I had been told the Kini Cat Café was situated.

After a long, hard climb, I saw the second rubbish bins and knew I was nearly there.  A few fat cats were scattered around, snoozing in the late afternoon heat.  They didn’t take much notice of me, but then dogs started barking.  No one had told me this was a café for dogs too and I was very scared.

I hid under the bin until I got my breath back and tried to decide what to do.  It was too far to go back to the beach, but how was I going to get passed the dogs and were they going to attack me.  Dogs I’d met so far on the beach hadn’t been that friendly, barking at me and trying to chase me.  Once, I even had to scrabble up a small tree to get out of the way of a particularly yappy youngster.

Then I heard someone coming.  I hid further under the bin, but she’d seen me.  She dropped her rubbish in the bin and bent down to talk to me.  I didn’t know what to do.  Should I be friendly, or run away?  But I was so tired; I didn’t resist when she picked me up, carried me past the dogs and gave me to my new mom, who was sitting on the veranda talking to a visitor.  The visitor recognised me immediately and told my mom she’d seen me on the beach.  I hoped if I was really good, purry and cuddly and kept my claws in, I’d be allowed to stay.

In fact, it was even better than I’d hoped.  I was given meat, biscuits and water and my mom made a proper bed for me inside, so I wouldn’t get into trouble after dark.  The dogs came to say ‘hello’, they were friendly too, I needn’t have worried about them and I’m so glad I didn’t run back to the beach.

At first, I was the only young cat here and the only inside cat.  I tried to be friendly with the other residents and mostly they were nice to me.  One or two of them let me know my place, but I didn’t mind.

Life is good here, at the Kini Cat Café.