Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I think my mom is going away again.  I know the signs.  But she’s only packing a few things so it’s probably not for too long.  She’s leaving us all with two very cat friendly volunteers, so I’m sure I’ll get all I need – only I do like to snuggle up with her in bed at night.  I can still sleep on her bed, but it’s not the same.

Things have been really busy here at the Kini Cat Café and although I keep trying to get her attention and remind her I’ve got things to say, she keeps putting me off, as she’s busy.  Well, we’ve got two new cats here.  Off the street and straight into the house! Whatever next?  But they are both quite sick.  One is in a crate inside, so at least he doesn’t trouble me at night and the other has found a chair he likes, so stays on his own.  He’s got bad teeth but has a chest infection, so can’t have the anaesthetic until he’s better.  He is taking lots of medication but does not seem to get better.  Maybe he’s afraid he’ll become an outside cat once he’s breathing properly…

Jellicle had an accident with her tail, so now she’s only got a stump.  She does not seem to mind, but has been shaved severely and it’s taking a while for her fur to grow back.  So she’s confined, which is a nuisance as the cat flap is closed to keep her in and I can’t come and go as conveniently as before.  I can still get in with my microchip, but not out.  So I have to think about that.  Mostly I like to be in as it’s still cold at night, but when it’s a full moon, it’s like daylight and I just can’t sleep and want to be out hunting. Also, it’s a bit crowded in the house, even though with two volunteers inside, we’ve got plenty of beds to choose.

There’s a very old cat here called Bartlett.  He’s usually around the house and has taken to being indoors in the winter.  He’s very friendly with all the cats and acts as a granddaddy, helping them and grooming them.  But he had a secret and was found out!  Of course, we all knew what he was up to but mom and Flora never suspected.  It goes like this – he is an old cat and knows Kini very well.  He tried living at many different places until he struck lucky here.  And he’s happy here with regular food, warmth, cuddles and medication when he needs it.  So he has friends all around the village.  When it’s a nice night, he sometimes slips away to visit them.  He goes quite a long way and it takes him most of the night.  He comes back for breakfast, but sometimes he’s a bit late.  Anyway, last week he skipped off just before everyone went to bed and headed for the Lotos dumpster.  It’s a bad place for cats, lots are sick and they don’t always get food and water.  But Bartlett has friends there.  He was just coming back, when Flora went by on her moped and spotted him.  He was so surprised, he looked up when she called, so Flora knew it was definitely him. He ran away quickly, not wanting to be taken back, but Flora went to get the car and a box.  Of course, he was prepared then and securely hidden.  It’s not hard for a cat and humans don’t see well at night.  Flora gave up and went home.  Bartlett told me he enjoyed hanging out with old friends and came back soon after breakfast.  Of course now, he’s kept inside at night so can’t escape easily.  But he’ll find a way, when he really misses his old friends.

So, just to assure you that all is well at the Kini Cat Café.  We’ve enjoyed meeting all those who visited and helped and I hope it’s not so long until I get to write my blog again.

I don't really like this image of
myself.  I was a bit scared, even
though the volunteer was very nice!