Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Beauty Shots and Beauty Kittens

It has been quite a stretch since I last posted. Everything is so busy here, and with my mom sometimes traveling in the winters…well, let’s just say that my blogging fell to the wayside. Good news though! There’s a volunteer here from America who is willing to translate for me. I slept in the crook of the volunteer’s legs for a couple of nights at least to check her out. She doesn’t have nearly the connection with me that my mom does, but she seems alright. One of the other volunteers takes beautiful photos. I always knew I was handsome,

A lot seems to be going on around here. Of course, I stay out the way as much as possible: a nap in the shade is enough work for me. In the house, though, all manner of things are being done. I barely tore the volunteer away from her screens and small bits of shiny things. What is she doing? I have no idea, but words like Facebook and Instagram and Etsy keep coming up. Apparently, the Kini Cat Café is “on” them. Sounds dangerous. I’ve been keeping a low profile during the day.

Today I saw a fluffy black and white kitty in a crate being taken up to a car. Her name is Minnie and she didn’t seem all that happy. My mom was happy though; she told me that Minnie was heading to her new adoptive home. She’ll get lots of pets and loves there. Maybe she’ll get a bed or two to sleep on like the ones that I have when I come into the house for the night!

When I come in at night, I walk past a big cage full of baby cats. My mom says that she and Flora rescued them from the convent near the Kini Cat Café. Someone dumped them. It makes the fur stand up on the back of my neck. I don’t like that one bit. They seem happy, and boy do they have a lot of energy, all five of them pouncing on everything with their big bellies and tiny paws. My mom and the volunteers can’t seem to give them enough kisses. I suppose they’re okay, but I think I’ll be glad when they find homes. Less commotion…

I think I better get going…I’ve got to find a place to hang out that’s far enough away from the house that my mom has to call me at least seven times before I hear her at night. It’s quite a project! I’ll keep you posted.